Parallel Portals is the working title of a future novel I hope to produce, some time down the track. Like my Storming Archives series, a woman finds a portal to other realms, where she gets to occupy her lives in alternate worlds – sometimes in the past and the future – or the present. She never knows if she’ll be stepping into a life where she’s young, old, male, female, healthy or deathly ill. She has no idea if she will actually be human or if she’ll be slipping into a different race, religion or financial situation.

In this universe, Pauline is a middle aged Librarian who is married to a History Professor. Their sex life is almost non-existent and he barely notices when she slips into other realms – sometimes for weeks at a time – due to the bizarre fact that her current body continues going through the motions like a programmed automaton!

One thing that becomes increasingly obvious to Pauline, is that her husband (and other people from this universe) are often represented in the alternate realms. Some of the “mirrored” versions of her husband and friends are lovers and other people she interacts with, which eventually enhances her appreciation of their souls.

Follow the journey as I do my best to share at least one chapter per week and feel free to comment or suggest changes – which I promise to consider seriously!

I hope to be able to produce at least the first volume within a year from now!

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